The Wines

It is at the heart of the Maconnais, in Lugny, that the wines proposed by the “Domaine Joseph Lafarge” are grown and put in bottles, inside a family of winemakers having cultivated the vine with passion and detail for nearly three centuries… and ten generations!
This young domain has never stopped expanding its field of offers, and ten years after the start of this journey, there are now nine different wines! Rare honour, the winery is part of the forty-ish wineries proposing a complete range of wines: white wines; as well as red wine, rosé wine, and crémant de Bourgogne. Our wines are regularly met with prestigious prices (wine contests of the Mâconnais and the Beaujolais, St-Vincent des Vins Mâcons, etc.).
The wines proposed by the winery, ranging from 6,15€ to 24,45€, are the following:
Mâcon blanc, Mâcon-Lugny, Mâcon-Lugny « St-Pierre », Mâcon-Lugny « Les Charmes », Mâcon-Lugny « N°32 » (prestigious cuvée), Mâcon rosé, Bourgogne rouge, crémant de Bourgogne blanc and crémant de Bourgogne rosé.

Passion and attention to detail? Let one be judge…

These "rare" drinks are the product of a well-thought out growing process, mainly characterised by the use of exclusively organic fertilizers, the ban of any weedkiller (hence the resort to tillage), a trim done in March, a manual pricking out, a leaf removal done as traditionally, using a hand shear, the ban of any anti-rot treatment and manually done harvest. All of this leads up to a pressing done by the book (thanks to last-gen pneumatic machines) and a vinification characterised by a double fermentation, first alcoholic with organic yeast then malolactic.


Let yourself go with the flow of the subtle flavours developped by these wine batches produced by a unique domain, mostly growing Chardonnay, which is the king of the grape varieties in Bourgogne.

The cuvées "Domaine Joseph Lafarge": more than a name, a tradition! Only sold at the domain, and to be tasted ideally at 12°C for the white Mâcon and from 6°C to 8°C for the crémant de Bourgogne.

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