Useful links

Please find under a small selection of internet websites which will enable you to discover the south of Burgundy and, all-the-while browsing the web, to prepare your stay in the Maconnais, whatever your interests might be!

Lugny and the north of the Maconnais

To discover Lugny, small capital town of the north of the Maconnais, two websites:

To know more about the  municipalities community of the Mâconnais-Val-de-Saône, of which Lugny is the center:

Tourist offices

Lugny belongs to the municipalities community of the Mâconnais-Val-de-Saône, which, in 2014, created a tourist office well located in Fleurville (9km, 12min from Lugny). Its name : the tourist office « Entre Saône et Vignes du Haut-Mâconnais ».
In a radius of 25 kilometers are located four other tourist offices : that of Macon, of Tournus, of Cluny, and of Pont-de-Vaux:

Inside the land of art and history...

The municipalities community of which Lugny is the center belongs to the land of art and history "between Cluny and Tournus", entity approved in september 2010 by the Culture ministry and expanding over three other municipalities communities: that of the Clunisois, of the Tournugeois, of the one between the Grosne and the Mt-St-Vincent, as well as the municipality of Azé.


Towns of Macon, Cluny and Tournus

To discover the town of Mâcon (22 km, 25 min) as well as the abbey-towns of Cluny (21 km, 25 min) and of Tournus (15 km, 20 min) :;;

Sports and playful leisures

LThe website of the obstacle course in the trees organisation "Lugny Accro", close to Péronne (13 courses for all ages)
The website of the golf in La Salle (14,5 km, 17 min) :

The website of Laser Game Mâcon (à 22 km, 25 min) :

Old stones

Cluny's abbey (which was the biggest of all the West during the Middle Ages)'s website (21 km, 25 min) :
Cormatin's castle's website, one of the last dwelling which conserved amidst the most beautiful Louis XIII suites (21,5 km, 25 min) :

The fortified village of Brancion and its castle, one of the scariest fortified places of south Burgundy in the Middle Ages (11,5 km, 16 min) :

The website of Berzé-Le-Chatel, with one of the biggest castles of south Burgundy, with thirteen towers (22 km, 30 min) :

Nature & Discovery

The website listing all the "green ways" of Saône-et-Loire :
The website for hiking in Haut-Mâconnais :
The website for the zoo Touroparc, in Romanèche-Thorins (42 km, 45 min) :
The website for the Parc des Oiseaux (Bird Park) de Villars-les-Dombes (à 64 km, 60 min) :

History & Prehistory

The website for the Caves of Azé, the biggest fossil deposit of cave bears (10km, 11min):
The website for the "roche de Solutré", major archaeological site, anf for the « Grand site de Solutré-Pouilly-Vergisson » (35,5 km, 39min) :

The vines & the wine

The website for Lugny's Cellar, the biggest cooperative one of Burgundy and the third biggest one of France:

The website for the Maconnais-Beaujolais wine tour, created in 1986 and working around eight circuits going through seventy-eight town-legs (including Lugny, on the second circuit):


The website for the hamlet Duboeuf at Romaneche-Torins (41,5km, 43min):

The website for the Interprofessional Desk of the Burgundy Wines (BIVB):

The website for "les Vignes du Maynes", in Cruzille (5,5km, 9 min), the first winery of Burgundy to stop using chemicals, weedkillers, insecticides, as well as sulfur, to produce organic wine:

Eat (and drink) maconnais

The website for the "Maison mâconnaise des vins" (House of wines of the Maconnais), dedicated to the promotion of wines, created in Macon in 1958 by the Saone-et-Loire federation of cooperative cellars (22km, 25min):

Eat (very) well

The website for the gastronomical restaurant "La Marande" |*| (Phillipe Michel) in Montbellet (5,5km, 8 min):

The following websites are for the four gastronomical restaurants of Tournus (15km, 20min), most starred town in France compared to its number of inhabitants, named "gastronomical European destination of Excellence" in 2015:
– restaurant Meulien |*| (Valéry Meulien);
– restaurant Greuze |*| (Yohann Chapuis);
– restaurant Aux Terrasses |*| (Jean-Michel Carrette);

– restaurant Le Rempart |*| (Robert Jacquet)

Gastronomical restaurant Pierre |*| (Christian Gaulin) à Mâcon (à 22 km, 25 min) :

So much water!

The website for the community aquatic center of Macon, grouping the swimming pools of Macon (two pools of 25 meters, a wading pool, a 53 meters long water slide) and those of Aze, renewed a few years ago (two heated pools):

Into the saddle!

The website for the national stud in Cluny (21km, 25 min), created over two centuries ago by Napoleon 1st, whose stables, partially built on a destroyed part of the abbey, are the home to about fourty stallions:

The website of the Domain of Laize (10,5km, 14 min), dedicated to horse riding (horses and ponies):

The website for the bicycle museum of Tournus (15km,  20 min)

The seventh art

The website of the multiplex Cinémarivaux (11 rooms) of Macon (22km, 25 min):

Following the steps of Alphonse de Lamartine

The website of the Castle of Saint-Point (32km, 37min), which was the poet's home and is where lies its tomb.

These pages put online by the old library Darreau of Macon:


The website for the ecumenical community in Taizé (24,5km, 28min), created at the end of second World War by the pastor Roger Schutz:

The website of the diocesan Pastoral of tourism and leisure (PRTL):